New ‘Mrs.’ pageant won’t collect registration fees, organizers promise

MANILA, Philippines—The ever-expanding world of pageantry has resulted in a multitude of competitions geared toward different demographics, including contests for “Mrs.” that have seen exponential growth in the recent years. 카지노사이트

With so many global beauty contests attracting married women and single mothers, national tilts seeking the Philippines’ representatives to these competitions have also sprouted in the recent years. And another pageant will join the growing sector next year, promising changes to the usual practice observed in those established earlier.

The new national pageant will be called “Mrs. Philippines,” and organizers promised that they will not collect registration fees from interested applicants, nor will they make the official candidates sell tickets, which has become commonplace in similar competitions targeting the same demographic.

Pageant organizer and multiple international franchise holder Ovette Ricalde made this announcement in a separate media briefing held between the twin victory press conferences for Elite Mrs. Universe (Official) Ellen Poyaoan-Santos and Ms. Universe (Official) Global Christine Escalante at the City State Tower Hotel in Manila on Dec. 23. 안전한카지노사이트

The two queens, who captured their respective titles at the 2022 Mrs. Universe (Official) pageant held in Australia earlier this month, will also play crucial roles in the new national pageant, Ricalde said.

He shared that the two queens will get in touch with several local government units which will serve as partners, in an effort to expand the search for prospective candidates. “The pageant will be open to women from 21 years old until they can still walk on their own,” he added.

The national pageant, Ricalde said, will select the country’s representatives to different international competitions, with the top title being “Mrs. Philippines Universe (Official).” Other titles at stake will be Mrs. Philippines Tourism, Mrs. Philippines Asia International, Mrs. Philippines Tourism Queen International, Mrs. Philippines Grand Universe and Noble Queen of the Universe Philippines. 카지노사이트 추천

“There will be no swimsuit competition. The focus will be on the advocacy,” Ricalde said of the new national pageant. “It’s not too late to become a queen,” he added.

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