The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly School Supplies

Kicking off a new term or school year usually makes people excited to shop for new school supplies.

This might raise questions if you’re a conscious shopper or looking to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. Maybe you’re frustrated with how often you have to buy new school supplies or due to the cheap plastics that many items come in.

To curb plastic waste, many brands are offering zero-waste supplies to support your zero-waste journey. This way, you can embrace non-toxic and plastic-free items as opposed to traditional synthetic materials. You have options from your colored pencils, kraft paper, and loose pens for art class to sustainable pencils and glue sticks. 카지노사이트

Even if you’re looking to switch from plastic bottles and lunch boxes to stylish, practical, and reusable alternatives, your sustainable school supplies are in check. Many of these can also double as eco-friendly office supplies at home or work.

Zero-Waste and Eco-Friendly Pens and Pencils
Some of the most important and popular school supplies are pens and pencils. However, plastic pens dominate the market, primarily due to the affordability of making and purchasing them.

For pencils, it’s easy to instantly view them as zero-waste school supplies since they come from trees. However, many come from unsustainably managed forests. These raise the need to switch to sustainable stationery to enhance one’s zero-waste lifestyle.

Say goodbye to harmful and non-durable pens and pencils and hello to zero-waste pens and eco-friendly pencil options. Below are eco-friendly and zero-waste school supplies in the stationery category, perfect for eco-friendly projects at school!

None of these quite right? Check out our full list of some of the best eco-friendly pens and pencils for more sustainable school supplies.

  1. Eco Pen Club The Clicker Pen Multipack

Plastic is a common material when examining various school supplies. Most significantly, many manufacturers and brands use it to make pens. It’s no news that this material contradicts any zero-waste school supplies category.

For anyone looking to adopt an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, it’s important to pay attention to the small things. This includes the type of pens in your school supplies bin. This environmentally friendly, eco-friendly stationery set is all you need to replace those old pens. 안전한카지노사이트

The Clicker Pen Multipack comes in packs of 10 or 20 pens. The company makes zero-waste pens using recycled cardboard, plastic, or wheat ends. You can select options from blue, black, or red inks.

Pens with Compostable and Recyclable Materials
The pens come in paper tubes that are FSC Certified. Not only this, but the company shows its dedication to sustainable life by using non-toxic and soy-based inks. To ensure a closed-loop system, the brand partnered with TerraCycle to offer a plastic recycling service for the little plastic parts. Be sure to include it in the right recycle bin.

  1. A Good Company Natural Grass Pen

Natural grass is not something you’ll usually associate with a pen. In this case, A Good Company earns bragging rights to call their pen “one of a kind.”

This company prioritizes eco-friendly and recycled materials as a way to create something distinct and durable. The pen comes from a blend of meadow grass and some recycled BPA-free plastic. Not only is it durable, but it’s also refillable. Refillable pens give a longer lifespan and help to reduce waste. Best of all, it fits right into the zero-waste school supplies box.

Pen Made from Recycled Materials
The pens come from reused materials to support the zero-waste school supplies category. Apart from the eco-friendly materials & recycled plastics, each pen features an ergonomic triangular grip. It pairs this with a premium nib that makes it easy to use.

A Good Company plants trees to mitigate carbon emissions. Also, the company’s pens are produced in a renewable energy-powered facility. So, not only will you be purchasing zero-waste school supplies but also supporting a conscious brand.

  1. Dryden Designs Fountain Pen

If you’re older and looking for something more sophisticated as part of your zero-waste school supplies, look no further.

A fountain pen is always sure to make a statement. They are refillable, and many of them come in stainless steel material, like this product from Dryden Designs.

Although not all of them may be entirely zero-waste, they serve as good alternatives for people looking for something unique that will also last, thereby reducing waste. This set comes with 24 ink cartridges of 12 blacks and 12 blues. The pack also includes an ink refill converter.

A Versatile Pen for Daily Use
The pen is not only sleek, modern, and durable but also versatile. Each pen you get is compatible with a standard cartridge and bottled ink. You can also shop around for soy ink refills that are better for the environment.

To make things easy for the user, the brand includes a piston converter within each order. The pump makes it easy for you to refill your pen with an ink bottle, which you purchase on its own.

  1. LyfStyle Eco-Friendly Recycled Newspaper Coloured Pencils

Colored pencils are items not only for kids but something adults can enjoy as well. LyfStyle takes it further by ensuring its offering comes from recycled materials to reduce its environmental impact.

This pack of beautiful colored pencils comes from 100% recycled newspapers. As a result, they’re completely wood-free and tree-free. They make a unique addition to anyone’s zero-waste school supplies collection.

A Unique Set of Recycled Paper Pencils
Gone are the days when pencils only came from felled wood or trees. Since the manufacturers recycle papers for this product, it reduces the weight placed on trees for pulp.

These recycled school supplies come in sets of 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100. Also, each pack contains ten varying colors attractive to kids and anyone who loves crafts.

  1. Sprout Graphite Plantable Pencils

Sprout is a popular name in the zero-waste and eco-friendly school supplies industry. Their well-known plantable pencils come in various editions for you to choose from. Featuring plant-based materials and versatile functioning, these pencils fit perfectly in any zero-waste school supplies box.

Sprout pencils come from non-toxic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable materials. The company also ensures that it uses sustainably sourced materials as part of its production process. All packaging from the brand is either PEFC or FSC-certified. As a result, with each tree it harvests for products, it plants a new one to maintain balance. 카지노사이트 추천

The World’s First Patented and Plantable Pencil
How many times do you get to say that you can plant your pencil? Well, Sprout took the initiative to create something distinct in a saturated market.

You’ll find a small seed capsule at the tip of each pencil. Once you notice that your pencil is too short to continue using, turn it upside down and plant it. You can benefit from growing flowers, fragrant herbs, or fresh vegetables.

Zero-Waste and Eco-Friendly Markers and Crayons
Crayons and markers are another category of essential school supplies for many young learners. Many kids and crafty adults enjoy the creativity that comes with using crayons.

However, many products are made from ingredients and materials that are toxic to the environment and health. You’ll find safe and sustainable crayon and marker options for school use here.

  1. Crayeti Family Beeswax Crayons

Crayons are a kid’s best friend. For parents with young children, crayons are a staple in the home. Children also use a lot of crayons while in school as part of arts and crafts projects.

Since many crayon products come with toxic ingredients, many concerned parents seek eco-friendly and safe options. In comes zero-waste crayons that are beneficial not only to the planet but to kids’ safety as well.

This set of crayons comes from pure beeswax, oils, and natural pigments. Furthermore, the brand packages the products in aluminum and cardboard box options. The crayons are free of harmful chemicals and fillers that many crayon makers use.

Non-Toxic Crayons for All Ages
Everyone can benefit from natural, beautifully packaged, and sustainable crayons. From kids to artistic adults, anyone can use these craft supplies. It deliberately curbs the toxic chemical scents that many crayon products give. As a result, it’s safer and more beneficial to use.

  1. GlobalPaperShop Crayon Rocks

Many crayon brands create their products in regular pencil-like shapes. However, this brand takes a unique and intentional approach. Instead of the regular design, it incorporates a rock-like shape. This is a deliberate effort to support the fine motor skills of children.

Also, the shape, which supports the tripod grip, encourages children to hold the crayons correctly. Each product is the right shape and size to fit a kid’s hand. They come in bright, easy-to-handle designs. These crayons also come in vegan soy wax.

The Perfect Little Crayons to Fit Eco-Friendly School Supplies
From the use of soy wax to the intentional design and smooth surfaces, these crayons are every parent’s dream. The bright colors are sure to attract kids and encourage them to get creative and crafty. They also make great gifts for the artistic child. Taking it further, the brand mails its art supplies in compostable bubble mailers.

  1. Kaleidoscope Crayons Vegan Crayons Sticks

Stick crayons are essential in any school supply box. These stick crayons from Kaleidoscope are no exception. They come in the standard crayon shape that’s ideal for school-aged children to take to school.

Within each pack, you’ll find nine stick crayons in rainbow colors. Apart from the original rainbow pack, you can opt for the pastel pack or a multipack version. When making your purchase, you can either select one with a blank package or include a name for personalization.

Vegan Crayons to Reduce School Waste
These crayons are vegan-friendly since they come from 100% plant-based waxes. In addition, the pigments the brand uses are free of animal products or byproducts. It may also please you to know that they contain no paraffin wax or palm oil. All these make them a great zero-waste option for art projects.

  1. Edding 28 EcoLine Whiteboard Markers

Almost every classroom has markers. Hardly will you walk into a modern classroom today and not find one or more. As much as they’re a staple, it’s important to pay attention to the materials manufacturers use.

Generally, it can be difficult to find markers that are 100% zero-waste due to the types of ingredients they contain. However, this hasn’t stopped companies from making better choices. This could include using recycled plastic and providing refillable options.

This marker is made from recycled plastic and serves as a carbon-neutral product. Also, it’s refillable, which makes it a good alternative.

Conscious Markers for the Classroom
Rather than instantly tossing dried-up markers out, you can opt for this refillable option. As part of the efforts to curb waste, it includes at least 90% recycled plastic. It dries quickly and doesn’t contain Butyl Acetate.

  1. Auddbeate Eco-Friendly Plantable Seed Crayons

This brand presents this one-of-a-kind creative crayon set made from recycled bits. Generally, the choices clearly target kids’ safety, sustainability, and ease of use.

This is no ordinary crayon, however. Behind each crayon, you’ll find seeds enclosed in water-soluble capsules. Each crayon features a different type of seed. To find out what kind of seed comes with each crayon, simply look at the name on the crayon.

Earth-Friendly and Child-Friendly Plantables Crayons
Not many crayon sets come with plantable seeds. However, this offering gives you that in addition to the fun of using crayons. With its earth-friendly choices like the recycled paper tube and safety ones like food coloring, this set is excellent for children.

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